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Are you planning to visit Istanbul? If so, then you must not miss some of the most famous restaurants in the city, where you can enjoy incredibly delicious dishes, traditional and international as well. Turkey is the perfect place for gourmands all over the world, as there are many chefs that prepare incredibly tasty dishes. Take a look at what we have chosen for you so you can make an idea about where is best to go.

Akdeniz Hatay Sofrasi

In this restaurant, you can try traditional Turkish dishes and the Mediterranean as well. Customers wrote lots of good reviews and that’s why we recommend it to you. It is a 4-Michelin star restaurant located on Adnan Menderes Boulevard in Istanbul. If you decide to go there, you need to book a table in advance as the place is very busy most of the time.

Marbella Terrace Café Restaurant

Another location that offers fantastic meals and delicious coffee is the Marbella Terrace Café Restaurant, which has a Certificate of Excellence. Furthermore, the roof terrace has some amazing views and the staff is attentive and friendly. The Marbella Terrace Café Restaurant is very close to the Blue Mosque, which means that you can come here for a nice dinner after you have visited the Mosque.

Old Istanbul Cuisine

Famous chefs prepare the most delicious dishes for the customers of this restaurant. If you want to try the traditional Turkish food, Mediterranean recipes, and also tasty barbecues, then at the Old Istanbul Cuisine you will be the happiest. Prices are a bit higher than they are in other restaurants, but the food is absolutely incredible, not to talk about the staff who is extremely professional and welcoming.

Beso Restaurant Bistro

Are you in Istanbul and you want to eat Turkish and Italian food in a fancy restaurant? If so, then we recommend you to try the Beso Restaurant Bistro. Furthermore, we recommend you to try the Testi Kebab which is absolutely amazing. Many happy customers return here due to the warm and pleasant atmosphere, and obviously the extremely delicious food.

Kat Restaurant & Café Bar

Another famous restaurant in Istanbul is Kat Restaurant & Café Bar. You can either eat here or just enjoy hot and delicious Turkish coffee. Service is at a high level and this is one of the reasons why many people come back. Everything is handled professionally, not to talk about the food which is absolutely incredible.

Stone House Bistro Café Restaurant

This is another famous restaurant in the beautiful Istanbul, where you should definitely go in case you are visiting the city. Turkish people come here quite often and tourists all over the world. You have many options such as Italian food, British meals, or tasty barbecues. No matter what you choose to eat, you will certainly want more. Just make sure you are not on a diet if you get to this place. The atmosphere is a very pleasant and welcoming one, which means that you will feel comfortable at all times.