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If you love sweets and you go to Turkey, then you need to try their desserts as they taste absolutely amazing. It is true that they have a lot of sugar, but at least on the holiday, you can spoil yourself. Here are the most famous Turkish sweets you need to try.

Tavuk Gogsu

This is actually a pudding, quite thick with a few slices of chicken breast and it is served in Turkey’s restaurants with cinnamon and maras ice cream. You also try the other version that contains a burnt caramel top in plus. No matter which of these recipes you choose you will be completely satisfied.


This wonderful milk dessert is also some sort of pudding that is covered with pistachios and contains mastic. If you combine this dessert with maras ice cream, the superb taste will amplify. You can find this traditional Turkish dessert in any restaurant in this country.


Helva is very popular all over the Middle East. It is made of semolina flour and it melts beautifully and perfectly when baked. This dessert can be found in other countries as well, but it certainly doesn’t taste as better as the one in Turkey.



Kunefe has two layers of shredded pastry with a quite thick layer of melted cheese and soaked with a lovely sugar syrup. This dessert is not as sweet as the others, but it is still absolutely tasty and very popular in Turkey.

Ayva Tatlisi

Another famous Turkish sweet is Ayva Tatlisi. This is a wintertime favorite. It is prepared by boiling quince with sweet syrup. After this preparation process, it is filled with clotted cream and walnuts. The same dessert is also made in a different version, with pumpkin, and it tastes amazingly good.


This is actually called Basbousa in Egypt, and it is made from a semolina cake. This cake is soaked in simple syrup. There are some recipes that add an extra flavor by using rose water for the syrup in order to make Revani even more fragrant. We recommend you to try both options so that you can choose the one you like the most. Chances are to fall in love with both recipes.

Cevizli Sucuk

A string with walnuts is being dripped into a grape molasses mixture in order to obtain this wonderful dessert. After this process has ended the Cevizli Sucuk is then hung out to dry and cut into small pieces so that it can be enjoyed as a gummi-like dessert.

Tulumba Tatlisi

This is an extremely sweet dessert. Unleavened dough balls are fried and then soaked in syrup while they are actually still hot. Tulumba Tatlisi is always crunchy on the outside and very soft on the inside. Sometimes it is being served with chocolate sauce, which means that it is even more delicious. If you are on diet, then you should not go for this dessert as it has plenty of calories. However, if you are on vacation you should try it without a doubt.