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Turkey has many beautiful places and due to this reason, its tourism is growing. We recommend you to visit this country as you will certainly not regret it. After some research, we found some amazing locations where you could spend your holiday. Here is what you can do in this wonderful country in order to go back home with amazing memories.

Patara Beach

If you are taking your vacation in the summer, then Patara Beach is the right place to go. This sandy beach is a bit more isolated than others, and that’s why it is perfect for anyone who is looking for some peace and quiet. Very close you will find a village with welcoming people. This village was actually the birthplace of St Nicholas, a bishop from the 4th-century. This Byzantine bishop passed into legend as Santa Claus. If you get to know the history of this place you will certainly be very impressed. However, Patara Beach is an amazing location to spend the vacation with your entire family.

Bodrum Castle

Bodrum is a city that must definitely be visited, and in case you decide to go there you must not miss the Bodrum Castle. The castle has been built in the 15th century, by the Crusaders, and it has an impressive architecture. It is quite massive and it operates at the moment as a museum. It is surrounded by water and plenty of sailing crafts. We like very much this location and we are pretty sure you will like it too.


You definitely can’t go to Turkey without visiting the incredible Istanbul. Here, you will have so many things to do that you will need to come back for another few days. The Grand Bazaar, the beautiful mosques, the large range of restaurants with delicious dishes, and the amazing castles will surely impress you. If you want to travel alone, then you can always go for an istanbul escort once you arrive in this city, because they are plenty. You can choose to spend your time with a girl that knows very well Istanbul, instead of staying alone. Keep in mind that privacy is guaranteed, which means that you do not need to worry about this aspect, just enjoy to the fullest your vacation.

Mount Nemrut

This very high mountain located in southeastern Turkey is iconic for this country. It has a beautiful story which you definitely need to hear once you get there. The summit of it offers a fantastic view of all the surrounding mountains. What we recommend you to do in this place is to watch the sunrise from the eastern terrace, which is spectacular as it offers a sense of mystery to the entire place.


This is a small village situated on the south-west coast on the Aegean Sea. The beach from here is very famous due to its beautiful shades of turquoise. This is the reasons why professional photographers all over the world come here to take the most magical photographs. The panoramic views are also amazing.